Do the UK Have American Football?

In England, Scotland and Wales, the national game is organized by the British American Football Association (BAFA), which runs a series of league competitions such as the BAFA National Leagues. The championship game is known as BritBowl. It has recently become a popular pastime in the UK, but the NFL has bigger ambitions than just here: it wants to expand the NFL to Great Britain so that the English can take part in the American game.The UKFL is the professional American football league in the United Kingdom, created from scratch to provide the best American football experience outside of the US. At present, due to the lack of time for American football in England, there is no significant English fan base in the UK, which would make it difficult for the NFL to establish its popularity as it has in the US.

In Great Britain, a game played only by American players will have slim chances of success. The sport is managed by the British American Football Association (BAFA), with two main competition bodies: the BAFA National Leagues (BAFANL) and the British Universities American Football League (which functions as part of the sports competition of British universities and colleges).The NFL didn't take any steps to spread its game abroad until the 21st century, which is a long time considering that baseball, hockey and basketball, the other three major sports in the US, had already spread to Europe many years ago, unlike American football, which had to wait too long to expect immediate success in England. However, what many Americans don't realize is that the new Wembley stadium is the most expensive stadium ever built, and the Football Association (which owns it) had to pay so much money to build it that it will now temporarily give it to several groups to recover its investment. In something I still don't understand, American football is a game that is NOT PLAYED with your feet, which makes its full name false.

In 1991, the American Football World League (WLAF), which was the predecessor of NFL Europe, created a team called London Monarchs.The 8GL League is an 8-on-8 adult contact league, initially created as an independent entity that did not depend on the governing body of British American Football Association. American football was introduced to Britain during the early part of the 20th century by American soldiers stationed in the country. Northern Irish teams compete in a regional fan competition that spans all of Ireland, organized by Irish American Football League (IAFL).

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